If you are pregnant and looking for an unique baby name I have found one! I know how frustrating it is when other children steal your child’s name. Recently, I was at an assembly at my 5-year-old’s elementary school when I realized how unoriginal I am. Five boys in his graduating class have his name. He, however, is the only one with a smile that melts my heart. True story.

My 2-year-old daughter came up with this name:

She has named all, but one of her dolls Plick-a-Plick-a-Plee. Suzie is the outcast. My daughter actually has an amazing vocabulary. I swear I am not one of those moms who claims their child is smart while they babble and eat mud. Plick-a-Plick-a-Plee may be the next “Emily.” We won’t be upset if you decide to call your unborn child Plick-a-Plick-a-Plee. Her dolls don’t get out much. So, the odds of us crossing paths is slim to none.

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