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There is finally an App that will save mothers everywhere from being on the show “Hoarders.” It is called ArtKive and is a place to store your children’s artwork. (Get it? Archive? ArtKive?) Now, you can throw out drawings without feeling guilty. Come on, you can’t possibly save each and every paper your child brings home from school. Who wants to keep the page with black crayon scribbled in violent circles? On second thought, you may want to save that one to show the therapist, but the rest can pay a visit to Hefty.


You can even share the artwork with people in your inner circle.  Now, grandma can fly south for the winter and still see your child’s latest painting.  She will get an email with a link to the artwork.


My 13-year-old is an incredible artist.  I love the idea of having his artwork on my phone.  It makes me happy.

“ArtKive” is currently free to download. You can even print the drawings.  I highly recommend this App.  It is not only cool, but there isn’t any annoying music playing in the background.  If I have to hear the soundtrack to Angry Birds one more time I may go bananas.

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