Ask Amy

Advice columns make you feel better about your own life.
I was obsessed with Dear Abby when I was younger. She was one sassy broad. I also hung posters of Kenny Rogers on my wall. I knew all the words to “The Gambler” when I was in elementary school. Discuss….

I didn’t think anyone could fill Abby’s shoes, but along came Amy. “Ask Amy” is a daily advice column printed in newspapers around the country. Those of you under 20 are scratching your heads asking What is this thing called a newspaper that she speaks of? It is the internet on a piece of paper minus obnoxious selfies, pictures of your lunch and video of annoying fruit. When you are done with the paper you can use it to line bird cages, cover books and dry out wet shoes. (Put newspaper in wet shoes and by morning they will be dry. The paper absorbs the moisture. You’re welcome for that useful tip.)

If you are so inclined to have a stranger make important life decisions for you then Amy Dickinson has all the answers. Her recent response to a homophobic parent is perfect.


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