It was the eye roll seen ’round the world. The First Lady gave House Speaker John Boehner some serious attitude at the inauguration dinner. The President was having a conversation with Boehner. Mrs. Obama clearly didn’t like the small talk and rolled her eyes. Some people criticized Michelle Obama for “not being a lady.” Honey, we don’t know what was being said. Sometimes you just can’t control the eye roll. My 3-year-old daughter rolls her eyes when she is frustrated with me. What could I possibly do to incite that kind of attitude from a toddler? Apparently, I don’t say or do the right things when attending her tea party. What are the right things? I have no idea. I’m supposed to read her mind. Honestly, I love my daughter, but, after the fourth cup, I get sick of drinking invisible tea. I can’t fake the funk. I also sat on my daughter’s imaginary cat today. Allegedly. What lady allows a cat to sit at the table anyway? (eye roll)

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