Can you afford it?

Do you know what’s worse than waiting in a long line at Walmart? Loading a cart full of groceries on the belt before realizing your wallet is missing. Yeah, this happened to me tonight. Panic immediately set in. I scanned the store for Oliver Twist, but only saw a woman in pajamas and a man with star tattoos on his face. Did I drop it? I put my groceries back into the cart as my daughter questioned loudly, “What’s wrong Mommy? You don’t have enough money?” I use this excuse from time to time when she asks for a toy. Awesome. I may not be able to afford Diet Dr. Pepper, but I can pay for the Diet Dr. Thunder in my cart. Now, I was the one who looked ridiculous. It turns out my wallet was in my husband’s car. We did a little browsing while we waited for him to bring it. There are so many gift ideas for Dad in the store.


For the father who likes to drink hard liquor on the go.


The perfect gift for the Dad who is a real-life Archie Bunker.


This gift says Dad, you’re a fat ass.


This is a practical gift for a man who won’t ask for help. (Which is just about every man on earth.)

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