Dad reenacts conversation with toddler

Here is another idea I wish I had first.  My 13-year-old couldn’t understand why I found this video amusing.  Then again, he couldn’t understand why I got pissed when he asked me this morning if I was pregnant.  “Oh, it’s just your stomach was sticking out,” he said.  After all these damn crunches I still look like I am in the first trimester?  I am not pregnant, but I may put him up for adoption.  Parents will appreciate the hilarity in this reenactment. I LOL’d.


Lip Sync-off

Here is a little unknown fact about me. I can lip sync better than Brittany Spears. Yes, honey, my team won a lip sync contest in the 8th grade. We beat out The Beach Boys and a California Raisin. My friends and I, dressed in poodle skirts, chose to perform “Leader of the Pack.” If I had a copy of that tape I would share it with you. Unfortunately, I think I recorded Madonna videos over our performance when MTV still played music. I did come across this lip sync competition on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. I have to say actor John Krasinski wins hands down.

Cleveland Hero Auto Tune

That didn’t take long…. (It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it)

Look, I admire Charles Ramsey. He seems like a good person. There is no doubt he is likable. Mr. Ramsey did what a lot of people would not have. He heard cries and had the courage to help. When I was a reporter I covered a story about a mother who was beaten to death in front of a large crowd of people. Nobody helped her and not a single witness gave information to police. They were no Charles Ramsey.

When asked if he wanted reward money Mr. Ramsey pulled out his paycheck. “Give the reward to the girls they rescued.” His interviews are refreshingly honest and it can be funny at times. I don’t feel bad for being amused. It’s not a race issue. He would make me laugh regardless of the color of his skin.

This kidnapping case is disturbing. It sickens me to hear the hell those women went through. I am glad this story has a happy ending. We have Charles Ramsey to thank for that.


Do you have the Monday blues? I know the only true cure is a good Garfield cartoon, but I have the next best thing: a bunch of amusing photobombs. That’s when someone jumps in a picture to ruin it. Back in the day we called that guy an a-hole. You can find the full list at

Here are a few of my favorites:

(Photo courtesy:
Might want to check to make sure Dad isn’t naked on the couch before taking a Selfie.

(Photo courtesy:
Um, Dad we are sitting on Uncle Billy.

(Photo courtesy:
I guess you shouldn’t have booked your destination wedding in Daytona Beach.

Another Giveaway!

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April Fool

Call me crazy, but I don’t like to be lied to. I don’t care if it is December or April. Unfortunately, it is the day when people make things up without facing any consequences because they shout, “April Fools!” Oh, you aren’t really dying? I didn’t win the lottery? There is no such thing as bacon mouthwash? Well, you got me a-hole. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, but I won’t be pulling any pranks today. I can share an awesome deal I just scored on Shutterfly. They have a coupon for 101 free prints. So, you can knock out the person who played an April Fool’s joke on you, take their picture and get a print for free. The deal expires tomorrow.