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  • Kevin Bean

    Hi Deanna! I just wanted to thank you for everything you do on social media. You’re positive but you also chastise those that need it, whether it be a person or policy or an etc. Thank you for speaking out about Skip Bayless and depression. Your bravery in living such an open life – especially open to your children – is very inspiring. Have a great day!

    Ps. I still get a chuckle out of your aggressive interview with the pos boyfriend that helped murder Craig Rideout.

  • Suzanne Halberstadt’s

    I do do enjoy your writing and have missed you spark when you take time off. When you started on the Wease morning show I thought of you as my “spirit animal.” I so got everything you said. Now the revelation of your divorce has broken my heart. Not because of the divorce itself, but because I am all to familiar with the pain that will continue. I could give you divorcee advise but why? It is your journey. Plus you are MY spirit animal, I am not yours! Just know there are many more like me pulling for you. Keep your voice. You will need it. As for the kids, they see and understand more than we could ever give them credit for. Be kind to yourself.

  • Otis

    Hi there,

    I grew up WNY and listened to Wease for years. I went overseas for work for about seven years and lost touch with the show. I now stream it on iHeart and dumped SiriusXM. I think you are a great addition to the show along with Wheels. I looked at this blog for the first time and found it interesting. Reading your posts gives a sense that you are writing from the heart – very hard to do.

    I was prompted to write because of today’s show. The O-Town discussion was unreal. Hearing Wease talk about getting sued for sexual harrassment and how much he learned – and at the sametime he says, “you two would hook up with him back in the day – you know it!” I was out for a morning walk and laughing out loud…some of my neighors gave me the “Forrest Whitaker eye” as I walked along.

    Hang in there.

  • Matt Bauer

    Hey there, I like reading your blog whenever I see it. I’ve shared it several times with various people. It is usually accompanied by the story about Jerome Brewster picking up Erica hiding in my car at the mall after she lied to him about hanging out at your house. Fun times!! I’ve enjoyed following your career and seeing the cool things to get to do. Anyway, I’m a District Leader for Primerica Financial Services. I sell insurance and securities. I’m licensed in New York and Texas. What does it take to advertise on your blog?

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