Dents, Swing Sets and Slides

I will be glad when the temperature drops. I prefer Fall/Winter attire because I can pretend to have the body of a 20-something. My son can’t point out all the “dents” on my thighs. No, my body wasn’t in a fender bender. Those are markings of a lady who went on cupcake benders.

It will also be nice to take a break from the park. It’s not you swing set, really, it’s me. I think we just need time apart. I have grown weary of pushing “higher, higher!” It is never high enough.


I can’t go down another slide that has more curves than J.Lo. It isn’t fun. It hurts. Unfortunately, my daughter is a chicken and pleads to sit on my lap. She giggles the entire way down. If I’m lucky my skin will drag along the scalding hot plastic. Can someone please tell me who thought it would be a good idea to make a slide out of this material. Were the slides intended to be built in a dark alley and not a playground? I am pretty sure I got a second degree burn on my thigh this afternoon. The good news is you can no longer see the “dents” in that particular spot.

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