Don’t tell my heart


Can someone please help me understand why Donald Trump’s opinion should matter to me? Here is a man who clearly cannot choose the right hairdresser. Yet, he has the ability to choose the person to run our country? The Donald’s head looks like it was dipped in a cotton candy machine. Only the flavor is “cray.” (Oh yes peeps I’m up with the modern lingo!) I take my kids to a discount hair salon and even these girls wouldn’t jack up someone’s hair like that. Well, maybe one lady would. She is fresh out of beauty school. She is what universities call a “non-traditional student.” Translation: chick is old, but props for starting a new career. Anyway, she holds scissors like she is playing the board game Operation. Never trust a hairdresser who takes an hour to complete one cut. It is a profession that demands confidence or you end up walking out looking like Billy Ray Cyrus. (when his heart was achy, breaky and before his daughter was a whore and smoked weed) As for Donald Trump, just because he is wealthy doesn’t mean I admire him or will drink his kool-aid. O.J. Simpson was wealthy and I didn’t trust a word he said. I still think he could’ve gotten those gloves on. Ever try putting on leather gloves? It takes some tugging and wiggling. If you’re putting gloves on a toddler it takes 25 attempts before they realize each finger has its own compartment. My point is this: I will vote for whomever I want to in this presidential election. If I’m smart enough to raise three children I can choose a candidate. So keep your opinions to yourself Hollywood. Unless, you want to gush over my blog. Then, speak yo mind!

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