Easter party

When your kids are young their faces light up the moment you enter a room. Inevitably, when they become teenagers, that smile disappears and is replaced with an eye roll.

My 5-year-old still adores me. (Most of the time) He was thrilled when I visited the school today for an Easter party. (It may have been because I was carrying boxes of donuts, but I will pretend he was cheering was for me.) I don’t want politically correct lunatics to get their panties in a bunch. The kids didn’t complete dot to dot Jesus worksheets during the classroom Easter party. They played games, enjoyed a snack and went on an egg hunt.


Their teacher (who is awesome) also dyed eggs with each student. I am so grateful my son got to do this project at school. Now, I don’t have to deal with the mess at home. (HASHTAG TRUE STORY)Overall, it was a good time. I could have done without having his classmate wipe his nose before grabbing my sleeve, but I wouldn’t miss it. I cherish these moments with my kids.

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