eBay Twinkies

What the hell is wrong with people? The bidding war has begun for Twinkies on EBay. Look at this one:


What a-hole is willing to spend $127.00 for five boxes of dessert cakes. I am guessing you only got through the 9th grade. They are called “Golden Sponge Cakes,” but are not really made of gold.


You would have to have a serious
sweet tooth to buy this box. That or you are the rich douchebag who wants to brag about spending 10 grand on Twinkies. Either way, I hope you choke on the cream filling.

Let’s not forget thousands of people will lose their jobs when Hostess shuts down its factories. Many will be out of work before the holidays. The sellers are just shameful opportunists.

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  • Karina - Mom in the USA

    AMEN! How shameful that they are laying off people right before the holidays? Then, they go on tv to create a frenzy about it, and then people go out and empty shelves. Twinkies may be an American classic, but there is nothing American about laying off people, especially right before the holidays.

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