Everybody Poops!

I just shouted “You pooped on the potty?!” in the middle of my office. Fellow parents grinned and my younger co-workers were thoroughly disgusted. I was speaking to my husband. I’m kidding. He has been trained for a few years now. My daughter is potty training. As a young, single gal in my twenties I never imagined how much joy I would get out of seeing poop in a toilet. My 2-year-old has been going on the potty for three days now. This was the second time she has taken a #2. She is a little irregular. That’s a whole other story. Anyway, it’s a huge milestone met with mixed emotions. You cheer a loud and cry inside. Sure, you can rest at ease knowing you won’t have a 24-year-old shitting her pants. (Well, unless you are Snooki’s parents.) Plus, you will save the money you dish out every week on disposable diapers. Screw that cloth diaper movement. I have enough chores. I don’t need to add scraping poop off cloth to the list. On the down side it means she is growing up. Before you know it her tiny feet won’t dangle from the toilet anymore. However, I will wipe her ass for years to come. I still wipe my 5-year-old. I let him attempt to clean up, but make sure it’s gone. He doesn’t need skid marks and I don’t want a child that smells like shit.

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