Excuse me Siri?

I am sure this post will offend some people. I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone enjoys my humor. It has to be difficult to laugh with a stick up your ass. I need to get a “Holier than Thou” filter for my inbox. I am pretty sure Jesus frowns on hate email.


I learned an important lesson last night about computerized women. You should never leave your children alone with them. My 5-year-old, up past his usual bedtime due to a jelly bean induced sugar high, was walking around the kitchen with his Ipod asking Siri ridiculous questions. “Did you poop?” “I hate you,” he giggled. I scolded him for the potty talk. As I turned to walk away he rambled into the microphone about Legos. I froze in my tracks when I heard Siri’s reply. What did she just say?


No, Siri. My kindergartener doesn’t need you to search the web for “Big dick daddy,” but thanks for asking. I guess I can’t believe her when she says I am a good Mom. She probably heard, “Do fish live in a pond?”

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