Beyonce’s kid is a genius. Well, at least that’s what “Bey” told Oprah. “Oprah who?” inquired my eavesdropping 5-year-old. Why is it my son doesn’t hear me call his name 99 times to come brush his teeth, but can repeat my private telephone conversation verbatim? Who is Oprah?! I guess he will never know the joy of watching housewives and gay men cry over getting free s***. This generation is missing out on so much, but at least they have Ke$ha, a glitter throwing drunk. (I dare you to throw glitter on my floor missy.) “She seems like such a nice girl,” said no one ever. Have you ever noticed Ke$ha mentions her toothbrush in several songs? Something tells me she isn’t big on personal hygiene. I would love to know what her mother thinks. Sure, she is making cash money (that is hip for earning a descent living)but
are you proud of her? I saw a Barbie at the thrift store that reminded me of Ke$ha. My friend dubbed her “Escort Barbie.”


Anyway, back to Beyonce’s gifted daughter Blue Ivy. B says Blue is wicked smart, reading flash cards and such. Honey, every mother thinks she birthed a genius. Even the Mom whose kid can only count to one calls her child brilliant. I am glad you love your baby girl, but settle down Sasha Fierce. P.S. Bootylicious isn’t a word.

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