Help Me, Help You

There is no doubt it’s still a man’s world. I work in radio where 62.4% of all announcers are men. It’s 2021 and, in this industry, women earn 93% of what men make.

Still, I love my job and the people I work with. I wasn’t built to sit in a cubicle. In this business, no two days are the same. We have had some of the most interesting people in studio. Since I have been on air we have interviewed politicians, magicians, actors, and comedians. Chazz Palminteri was the most charming man I have ever met. He said to me in a thick New York accent, “Where did you get those eyes?” I smiled and replied, “My father.” He said, “Tell him I said Thank You.”  Marlon Wayans oozes class. He is even more handsome in person. He smelled like heaven, but more importantly, he was respectful and kind.  Some men were playful and funny. Others were complimentary. Most of the women were delightful, especially Tiffany Haddish. 

In 2019 we scheduled actor, comedian Jay Mohr on the show. “You had me at Hello.” “Show me the money!” I cannot even count the number of times I saw the movie Jerry Maguire. He also does a solid Christopher Walken impression. I was really looking forward to meeting him. Mohr had a late flight the night before. He sat down at the mic beside me and we engaged in small talk.  My initial impression was he seemed agitated. Over the next hour he whispered sexually explicit things to me. “You need a daddy to spank you.” He told me I was sexy and he knows what to do with me.  “I bet you would like that.” I didn’t respond.

I handle social media for the show. Whenever we have a guest in studio I broadcast the interview on Facebook. I told him I would be live. Then, held up the phone to record Mohr. Apparently, he wasn’t pleased with his appearance that morning. He looked tired. Mohr went from agitated to hostile. He knocked the phone out of my hand. It bounced off my chair and fell underneath the desk. I had to crawl on the filthy carpet to pick it up. My face was red. It was humiliating. He called me a bitch.  After he left I posted a photograph on social media of Mohr in studio promoting his appearance at the local comedy club. He responded online and told me to “fuck off.” I was stunned. Yet, because Mohr is a celebrity and I was afraid I would lose my job if he complained, I apologized. This encounter stuck with me. I was ashamed of myself. Not because I did anything wrong, but because I felt like I needed to apologize to a man who didn’t deserve it. I sent him the message below. He did not reply.

In recent interviews Jay Mohr has talked about making life changes for his mental health. He is now a life coach. On his website, Mohr proclaims, “I am an intuitive.  It’s like a psychic but real.”  It’s too bad he didn’t have that visceral awakening when he was in studio.





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