I’m too sexy

Ugly people everywhere are rejoicing over a court ruling in Iowa. The state’s Supreme Court ruled a dentist legally fired an assistant who was “irresistibly attractive” and a threat to his marriage. There wasn’t a single woman on the bench that made the ruling. I know, that’s a real shocker. This chick is 32-years-old, married with children. She sued her boss of 10 years for gender discrimination. He admitted she was a good worker, but says her tight clothing became too distracting. I would advise his female patients to wear baggy shaker knit sweaters to your next appointment. You don’t want Dr. Icantcontrolmyself to get excited. How many people would believe you if you claimed to have been fired for being too attractive? I think my tween would laugh in my face. “Yeah, right Mom. What did you do wrong?”

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