Jeb on pause….

I finally got around to watching the premiere of “The Late Show”  with Stephen Colbert.   I am hoping to get a chance to finish that new movie “Titantic” next weekend.  Of course, I didn’t watch “The Late Show” in one sitting because my children don’t want me to relax.  They usually wait until I sit down to ask for something.   In this case, I am grateful for their neediness.  I discovered a real gem watching the interview with Jeb Bush.   I should clarify.  I discovered a hidden gem pressing pause during Jeb Bush’s interview.   Perhaps I am just sleep deprived, immature or both, but I found his facial expressions hysterical.  I think both Republicans and Democrats can agree on this.  


Did someone slip an Ambien in Jeb’s water?  Donald?
Don’t do it Jeb!  You are on live TV.  

Nice save.  


Jeb’s impression of “The Church Lady.”   Well, isn’t that special! 
The ‘I have no idea what you said so I will pretend to laugh’ laugh.    

Wake up little buddy.  You have a presidential campaign to run.  


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