Justin Timberlake’s Wedding Video

Justin Timberlake’s good friend may be a douchebag. His name is Justin Huchel. He was one of a hundred guests invited to witness JT marry Jessica Biel. They enjoyed the finest accommodations, food and entertainment in Italy. Still, Huchel felt something was missing from the $6.5 million celebration. So, he made this video as a wedding gift for the new bride and groom. Clearly, it’s not a party until you mock homeless people in Los Angeles. Huchel has the drunk or mentally ill men send wedding greetings as if they are longtime friends with Timberlake and Biel. Get it? Clearly, the people in the video are incoherent. I doubt they realized they were being made fun of. I can laugh at some pretty sick s***, but this video is heartbreaking. Your mom must be proud Mr. Huchel. We can only hope that one day this privileged real estate agent loses everything and ends up in a cardboard box nearby. As JT once sang “What Goes Around Comes Back Around.” Punk.

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