Minivan Mix

I need to make a new “mixed tape” for my car. If I hear “Call Me Maybe” or “Moves Like Jagger” one more time I’m going to flip out. I enjoyed both songs until the 50,000th time I heard them. My kids are a little obsessive compulsive. If they like a something we have to hear it over and over again. Terrestrial radio is always a gamble. Recently, I had to explain why Flo Rida wants someone to “blow my whistle.” Clearly, he’s playing soccer and wants the referee to call a penalty. Duh! When my children were toddlers I could rock out to whatever I wanted. They didn’t have a good grasp on the English language. Well, times have changed. I went through my Ipod and found song after song that I can no longer play in my children’s presence. From time to time I will analyze lyrics to show you why.

Let’s begin with this:

Artist: (If you can call her that) Ke$ha

Song: “Take It Off”

I enjoy running to this song. However, you don’t really want to encourage your kids to idolize Ke$ha. In this song we learn that this young lady carries Whiskey in her handbag and throws glitter on the floor. You know how impossible that is to clean up. Plus, she is not only texting, but texting while she’s drunk. Finally, she loses here clothes in a crowd. I get frustrated when a sock is missing. Imagine if my kids lost all of their clothes!

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