We’re going to the chapel

I was worried that Hurricane Issac would delay my flight home today. Nope. I am sitting on board a plane that cannot take off because it was just hit by a catering truck. You don’t hear that one everyday. The pilot announced the plane will need to be inspected and photographs taken of the “dent.” Well, that’s comforting.

I want to get home to my babies. I’m simply exhausted and sore from last night’s wedding celebration. My body can’t handle The House of Pain anymore, but I couldn’t resist. The DJ had a snare drummer perform along with the music. I was like Shakira on that floor, but with back fat.


The bride was gorgeous, the groom was beaming and the reception was spectacular! Of course, it didn’t compare to my wedding at the courthouse, but it was a close second. Where I grew up weddings were often held in fire halls. Yeah, that place where they park the trucks. No, we don’t marry our cousins.


The decor was simply elegant. White fabric was cascading from wall to wall. The centerpiece was an enormous white rose arrangement. The reception was held at Gargiulo’s Restaurant in Brooklyn. You need to put this establishment on your bucket list of places to dine. Everything from the appetizers, salad to the entree was delicious. Then, the staff wheeled out table after table of cakes, cannoli, candy & ice cream carts and dessert liquors.


It was heaven. I almost needed a seat belt extender on the plane. I feel more bloated than Chaz Bono. I couldn’t eat another bite of food. Luckily, this airline is rationing peanuts and serving tap water. Well, that is, if this plane ever takes off.

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  • Jackie Cordes

    OMG Deanna, I can’t stop laughing. I am enjoying your blog. Some of your story lines are reminiscent of my motherhood. You are a gifted writer.
    Kristin Pecora’s Aunt Jackie

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