Picmic time!

The ground may be covered with snow, freezing rain is falling from the sky, but we are having a picnic. Well, according to my 3-year-old daughter we are having a “picmic.” She sings a song to announce each and every activity. Her latest single just dropped:

I know, I know. She is gifted. Contrary to popular belief she doesn’t write for Brittany Spears.

My daughter won’t let me record her performance. I have to pretend to be texting to capture the moment. So, basically my music videos look like a Dr. Scholl’s commercial. It’s not like MTV would play a music video anyway.

I really need to start transferring videos to DVD. My laptop sounds like an airplane landing. Either the fan is about to quit or the computer is going to explode. When the computer finally dies these memories disappear. I don’t want to ever forget our “picmics.”

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