RIP Sgt. Lawson

You can probably name a member of the Kardashian family. There is a good chance you’ve heard of Honey Boo Boo, but you probably don’t know guys like Sgt. Scott Lawson. He only fought in some of the bloodiest battles in the Iraq war. He only received a bronze star for his bravery. Why should you know him? After all, he didn’t have a made for TV wedding or cook “sketti.” Sgt. Lawson served with my husband in the Iraq war. Please don’t lecture me about WMD’s. The reason for taking down Saddam Hussein doesn’t negate the bravery of the troops. Sgt. Lawson’s unit was highlighted in a 2004 Time Magazine cover story. I was naive before that issue was released. Sure, I read the news reports. For goodness sake, I worked at a television station. Still, I refused to believe my husband or his men were involved in hand to hand combat. Perhaps, living my life as If nothing could happen was how i coped. I regret that I didn’t understand the horror they faced on a daily basis. These men fought house to house facing down evil.

Courtesy: Time Magazine

In one particular house, five insurgents were hiding inside. My husband, realizing the danger that lie ahead, decided to clear the house alone. Sgt. Lawson refused to let him go, “I’m not going to let you go in there in die alone.” He didn’t say he wouldn’t let him go in the house alone. He wasn’t going to let him die alone. Sgt. Lawson was willing to sacrifice his life to be with his brother in arms. They would both survive the battle, but a week ago Sgt. Lawson lost his life in a tragic accident near his home in Michigan. He was just 37-years-old. We attended Sgt. Lawson’s funeral this weekend. He was a loving son, brother and friend.

It was an emotional service. When we arrived home late last night my children ran into my arms. I held them tight, closed my eyes and thought, “Thank you Sgt. Lawson.” People will know your name.


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