What do you do when multiple attempts to whore yourself out for money prove futile?  You make your children work.  Duh!   The Octomom has started a music group.  You didn’t think Nadya Suleman was going to let all those babies get a free ride?  She picked five of her 14 kids to record a holiday song.  Nadya, being the clever lady she is, came up with the name the “Rocktuplets.”  Mommy wasn’t with the kiddos in the recording studio.  She will have to listen to “I’m Ready” on ITunes from  rehab.  Apparently shooting pornos makes her anxious.  The Octomom is reportedly addicted to Xanax.  I feel bad for her children.  If you look up “hot mess” in the  dictionary you will see Nadya’s picture.

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