Scary Baby

I had the pleasure of being a guest on a local radio station today. The hosts are good people. I was giddy to get out of the house sans children for a few hours. We chatted about the blog among other things. I may have missed my calling. Well, maybe not. I said “poop” on the air. I know, I know. Keep it classy, Deanna. After being escorted out by security, (I’m kidding) I stopped at one of my favorite consignment shops. It’s not that I need a used nightgown or dishes, but I love browsing. I purchased my favorite bracelet at a consignment shop. I imagine a glamorous woman wearing it to dinner on the Titantic. Of course she made it on to a life boat or I wouldn’t have my cuff bracelet. Sorry Leo.

I found my son a Superman costume belt that lights up. Score! On the same shelf was what may be the most terrifying baby doll I have ever seen. For $2.99 you can traumatize your child for life:


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