Senior photo

A teenager in Upstate New York is petitioning to have this photo in his school’s yearbook.


Lasers + Cat’s Reflection = PERFECTION!

Draven Rodriguez said he wants his friends to remember him as someone who loves cats. His favorite feline, Mr. Bigglesworth, is in the photo. Mr. Bigglesworth? Can this story get any better?

It could be a stunt. No doubt this story will go viral. Maybe Draven really does love cats that much. Either way, who cares! Put the kid’s picture in the yearbook.

I am actually really jealous of Draven. We only got the basic package when I was a kid. We couldn’t afford the extra fee for the laser background.

Is it any worse than other senior photos? I looked like a complete a**hole. Remember the shot where you are playing peek-a-boo behind a tree? How about the pose where you are looking over your shoulder? Are the pictures of you laying on grass, dressed in costume or holding a prop any worse than the shot of Mr. Bigglesworth? No.

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