Shop ’till you drop

When I was a kid trolls were pencil toppers and not crazy people who insult you on Twitter and Facebook.   People on the world wide web can be vicious.  The worst offenders more than likely live in their mom’s basement, are highly medicated or both.  

I am constantly lecturing my son to make good decisions for two reasons.   1.) It’s the right thing to do 2.) There is a good chance you could end up on social media.  Case and point, this woman who fell asleep in an unflattering pose at a shopping mall.  A picture of the exhausted shopper has gone viral.  I hope she has a good sense of humor.  Her picture has been photoshopped into different scenes.  I predict she will end up on a national talk show.   These pictures made me chuckle.  Is using the word chuckle a sign that I am getting old?  Before you know it I will be falling asleep on a davenport in a mall atrium.  

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