Silent Night

SNL opened the show last night without a sketch. Instead, a children’s choir sang “Silent Night” in tribute to the young victims of the Connecticut school shooting. It is beautiful. However, I am not sure you needed the kids to shout “Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night.” Producers should have just faded to black then started the open. Some people say the show should have been postponed. I think about those children every time my 5-year-old walks into a room. I think we needed a laugh, to take our minds off the horror at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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  • Larks

    That was really beautiful. I never understand it when people ask comedies to stop during times of tragedy ‘out of respect.’ It’s not as if laughter is inherently disrespectful; it can be very cathartic. (As long as the jokes themselves aren’t in poor taste, obviously. But then again if jokes in poor taste are a show’s stock in trade then maybe it needs to take a permanent hiatus ‘out of respect’ for everyone.)

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