Sucker Punch!

Oh hell, no!  If this were my daughter, Olympics or not,  I would have marched on the field and scolded this girl.

In case you missed today’s soccer game, a player for the Colombian team sucker punched U.S. player Abby Wambach on the field.  It was unprovoked.  I know Abby Wambach is a grown woman, but it doesn’t matter.  I’m sure her mother was fuming!  Abby scored.  Colombia lost and this chick will probably get suspended.  She should also go in time-out.

My husband thinks I’m a little too involved in the lives of my children.   I will admit  I am that mother.  I just can’t stay out of it.  “It” being everything my children do.  I may have held a grudge against a boy teasing my child at school.  Bring it 4-year-old!  

The woman in this commercial is me in a nutshell:

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