• Wait, I have a coupon for that

    I have reached a point with my couponing that I won’t need to buy deodorant, toothpaste or soap for a year. The shelves in my closet are stocked. It’s like my own corner store without lottery and dirty magazines covered with black paper. I blame a delightful lady I met at a blogging conference in New York City. Chrystie runs the website Ilovetogossip.com. She doesn’t gossip about celebrities. You won’t find pictures of Paris Hilton’s snatch on her site. She will tell you secrets to a score some free bacon. What would you rather see? There is a weird high you get when you buy stain remover for a nickel.…

  • Target Coupon

    Although my friend Matt is begging me to bring back the coupon section, (he needs more lady razors) I am not.  However, this is a deal I have to share.  I’m sure all you procrastinators out there still have some Christmas shopping to do.   Who doesn’t love Tar-jay? Here is a coupon that gets you a free $10 Target gift card if you spend over $50. Matt can stock up on lady razors!  Target.com

  • What you always wanted

    I hope my friends have lamps because y’all are getting lightbulbs for Christmas. My acquaintances will get bottles of Suave shampoo. Why? My cabinet is stock full. I got them for free with coupons. I am into extreme couponing. You laugh, but I saved $28 yesterday bitches. Eat your heart out Mitt. My binder is full of ways to save money. I think I may be a few Sunday newspaper inserts away from being a guest on TLC. I have started collecting shit I don’t need because it only costs a quarter. There is a weird rush you get after scoring a good deal. Four packs of razors for less…

  • Pantry Organization

    My pantry is a mess.  I have chips on the same shelf as spaghetti sauce, mixed in with canned peas.  Don’t judge.  Canned peas are yummy.  I met an amazing woman at BlogHer named Chrystie Corns who is building a house with a pantry the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in the Sex & the City movie.  For me this seems like a good idea to get eliminate some of the clutter.  By the way, for my couponing friends out there you will LOVE Chrystie’s website.