Election Day

I thought I would share some election day wisdom from my 12-year-old. During a conversation at breakfast he offered this analysis of the last election, “People didn’t vote for John McCain because he was old and ugly and that is just wrong.” Perhaps that is how the Kardashians choose a president, but it is not why he lost.

You can stop with the Facebook status updates reminding people to vote. Save the caps lock for those riveting updates about food. We all know the polls are open today. My polling place ran out of the coveted “I voted” stickers. The kind poll monitor gave my daughter a Hershey’s Kiss. Needless to say my 3-year-old now loves democracy.

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Yes, I will vote tomorrow. I didn’t even realize there was an election until I got 99 reminder calls today. I am especially grateful to the candidate whose automated message woke my daughter. I know you sleep in a sound proof room in your mansion, but our walls are poorly insulated. I’m trying to put my baby to sleep at 8:30 p.m. I would like some time to myself to do what all good Americans do on election eve: watch mindless reality TV.

Regardless of who wins, I will celebrate the fact that I don’t have to watch another political ad for quite some time. I think the worst commercial I’ve seen was in a congressional race. A child does the voice-over and accuses the opposing candidate of giving tricks instead of treats. Clever. I have seen how low some people will go to win a race. I was a TV news reporter for many years and my husband ran for political office. It is a dirty sport. The amount of money wasted to campaign is sickening. However, I found a city council member in my town who is running on a budget. This “leaflet” was left at my door. Did he wad it in a ball and throw it at my house from the curb? By his font selection I am assuming he typed on a Commodore 64 and tore the perforated edges of the paper after printing. (Remember what a pain in the ass that was?)

I appreciate the do it yourself approach, but perhaps he could have spent a little more time on this one.


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