Text me later

There is a new App to help parents understand what their kids are texting. As you know, I have had issues in the past (CynicalMother.com) not being able to decipher certain abbreviations. Text Genie is available on Android phones. These guys are going to make a ton of money. Perhaps not as much as the fellas who created Angry Birds. I will admit I never thought about flinging birds at blocks before this came out. For some reason it was frowned upon in society. Well, not anymore. Store shelves are full of Angry Birds toys, games and clothing. Honestly, I don’t want to see a grown ass man wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt. It screams, “I live in my mom’s basement and buy comic books with my paycheck.” I also can assume your SpongeBob tee is in the wash.

I am pissed I didn’t create the text App. It has a catalog of over 1,500 abbreviations. Apparently, CT means “can’t talk” and koz is short for “because.” I wish there was an abbreviation for accept / except. I never know which version to use and am usually forced to pick a different word.

I read an article where research shows 63% of teenagers text. Apparently, according to the same study, 84% of parents have received a text message from their children and had no idea what it meant.

Basically, our kids won’t know how to spell, but at least we will know what the hell they are talking about.