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I am psyched for the premiere of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.   Yes, I just used the word “psyched” to describe my excitement.   To quote Chicago, It’s a hard habit to break. (If you are my age you didn’t read that, you sang it.) I regularly fight the urge to pin my jeans and substitute boxer shorts for actual shorts, but occasionally 90’s slang creeps into my vernacular.

If Fallon ever needs a middle aged woman who struggles to take off skinny jeans (damn you cankles!) in the audience, I am his girl.  I may smuggle snacks in my purse, but I am well behaved. (Spell check kept wanting to change the word “smuggle” to “snuggle.”  My life hasn’t reached the point where I want to snuggle with potato chips and cookies, but never say never.)  One of my favorite bits on Fallon’s old show was the Thank You Notes segment.  It’s hysterical.  Personally, I don’t understand why people get all bent out of shape if they don’t receive a thank-you note.   If you invited me or my kid to the party via text message then I should be able to show my gratitude with an email.  Hell, if you abbreviated words with less than three letters I should be able to shout “Thank You” from a moving vehicle.  Cards are overrated.  They just end up in the garbage.  If you can’t say “Lordy, lordy look whose 40” to my face then don’t say it at all.  Plus, I can think of better ways to spend $2.99.    Anyway, here are some of Fallon’s best Thank You notes.


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