Unicorn + Peacock = ?

I love Christopher Columbus.  Regardless of whether or not he actually discovered America, my kids get the day off from school.  So, we won’t be late today!  It doesn’t matter what time I get up something always comes up that delays our departure.  Just recently, we were late to school because my daughter wanted to draw a unicorn.  Let me repeat: she refused to leave until she drew a unicorn.  She is obsessed with an imaginary animal.   Dear God, please don’t let her grow up to play Dungeons & Dragons.
She will draw unicorn-dogs, unicorn-birds, unicorn-cows, etc.  They all  look alike.  Her creations are nothing like this picture posted on Reddit.   A 4th grader was asked to come up with a new animal by combining two that already exist.  The end result is fantastic.



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