Unruly Passenger?

Did you hear the story about the family that got kicked off a JetBlue flight because their toddler had a temper tantrum? I feel their pain. I’ve carried children out of stores kicking and screaming while people gawked like we were zoo animals. However, there are a rules you cannot break on airplanes. I’ve been on a flight when a child had a wicked fit. We were on our way home from a vacation in Orlando, Florida. I use the word vacation lightly. Although I love seeing my children happy these trips are more work than pleasure. After a week I had my fill of souvenir shops and Mickey Mouse. (Is there a high demand for soap dishes and clocks made out of sea shells?) I just wanted to sleep in my own bed. I hate knowing I shared a bed with a guy named Bill from Tennessee. Lord only knows what he did on the hotel sheets the previous week.

My flight was delayed because a 4-year-old girl in an adjacent row refused to sit in her seat. She was screaming like she saw Justin Beiber fall off a building. The flight attendant gave them 10 minutes to get their kid under control. She calmed down just as the pilot taxied back to the gate. Too late. There was a collective sigh of relief on the plane. Bottom line: If your kid is being a bastard cash in your tickets and get a rental car.

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