Walking Dead

I am pretty sure this is the last year my son and his friends will go trick or treating.  They will be the group of 7th graders dressed like characters from “The Walking Dead.” Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.  My son researched scary Zombie costumes on YouTube.   Then, my husband took him to Home Depot to buy supplies. They also picked up a couple of flashlights at the store.   My husband commented that the flash lights were “Bad.” My son was concerned, “They don’t work?”  I informed him that calling something “Bad” meant good when we were growing up.  “That is stupid,” he said.

The two of them tinkered in the basement for over an hour.  My son came upstairs revealing a contraption that makes it appear as if my son has been impaled by a pipe.  He was excited and looking for applause.   I was horrified.  “That looks dangerous.  I think you need to add more padding,” I said.   He rolled his eyes. My heart sank.  I should have offered positive feedback and complained to my husband later.  Over the years I have dressed him as a Dinosaur, Batman, The Cat in the Hat, etc.   Clearly, I need to come to grips with the fact that those days are over. 

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