Wanna jump, jump?

J.K. Rowling better step up her game. My 4-year-old just dropped her first book. No, Kanye, you don’t own that word. Literary geniuses can drop stuff, too. We had a lot of offers from top publishing houses, but we opted to self-publish in the kitchen. It is a picture book without the pictures. This is the original draft. I had to put the words down for her because she is still learning how to write. I realize it looks like a ransom note. My hands can’t keep up with a pre-schooler’s imagination.


She wanted a title that would grab your attention and pique your curiosity.


Hey, you never know “Haveyou” could be the next “Emily” a decade from now. I pray that she is never allowed to name a library or airport.


If I wrote this book “Haveyou” would have told her friends to go…..



Wait a minute, nobody said anything about hopping.


Walk, walk? Now, that is a twist I wasn’t expecting.


Wait, what? What the hell was she smoking when she wrote this.


The storyline is dead when you run into a tent. My dream would be for Samuel L. Jackson to voice the audio book. Call me and we can work out a deal.

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