• It’s mine, all mine!

    My daughter has Spidey senses. She can smell food long after it has entered my digestive system. “Mom, what are you eating?” Nothing. Well, not nothing, but it’s mine. Kids take everything from you. I do have my very own candy stash hidden in my house. Caramels, butterscotch discs and root beer barrels are a few of my favorites. (I am going to be very popular at the nursing home.) I know if I share with my daughter my son will want one. Then, my husband will find them. Today I tried to sneak a few Tootsie Rolls before taking my daughter to the park. We have a play set…

  • Bad Lip Reading

    I cannot believe it took me this long to find this YouTube Channel (Bad Lip Reading) Maybe I am easily entertained after watching cartoons all day, but I think this is fantastic. Watch this video on YouTube Stick with this one until Beyonce’s performance. It is worth it. Watch this video on YouTube