• I heart Chris

    I have always liked Ashton Kutcher. He is usually a goofball and easy on the eyes. I like Ashton, but love Chris and his message to our children. Watch his inspirational speech at the 2013 “Teen Choice Awards.” Who knew he had it in him?

  • Whip it Good!

    Demi Moore is having a mid-life crisis. At least that is what Star Magazine says and we know that is the gospel. They claim she is partying and doing drugs to hang on to her youth. She might as well wear nylons with sandals while sitting on her davenport. Nothing says you’re old like doing “whip-it’s.” My son saw this story on television and was bewildered. “What is a whip-it?” Getting high off nitrous oxide is so 1990. “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” No, I don’t think drug addiction is funny. The idea of a supposed “A-list” celebrity sucking off a whip cream…