• Playdoh Hero

    I have just been declared the “Best Playdoh Maker Ever!” It is unclear if there is a trophy involved. Sure, if I put my career first, I could’ve been an award winning journalist. Who wants to be recognized by their peers when you can stay home and get compliments from a 5-year-old? My son’s face lit up when he saw my version of Batman. He doesn’t mind if the dark knight looks a little bloated. “I can’t wait to tell my friends at school about it,” he said, wrapping his arms around my neck. Hell yes, I am going to be the coolest Mom in kindergarten. “Can you make The…

  • Batman!

    I want to meet the fella who spots these suckers in the men’s department and doesn’t think twice about throwing a pair in his cart. Then, I want to meet his significant other who doesn’t laugh her ass off when he undresses. Then again, maybe the guy who would spend $8.00 on Batman undies isn’t getting much action. I laughed out loud imagining my husband sporting a pair. I think if you catch your spouse in Angry Birds underwear it is grounds for divorce. Read More: CynicalMother.com