• Falling

    It took me an hour to rake this sorry looking pile of leaves: Our yard was bare so I had to steal leaves from the neighbors yard. My son was quick to point out. “Those aren’t yours.” I know, I am living on the edge. There may even be a warrant out for my arrest. I had to promise him that we would borrow a few and put them back. Yes, I actually had to return wilted, filthy leaves. Damn that kindergarten teacher for teaching morals and values. There wasn’t much to cushion their fall, but they had a blast. I am going to pull out this picture when it…

  • De-clutter

    I need to de-clutter and since the kids aren’t going anywhere I better start with my bedroom and bathroom.  This seems like a good idea.  Well, with the exception of the curling iron.  What is this 1993?