• XFactor

    If my daughter doesn’t fall asleep soon I will have to read about the season finale of XFactor. We are watching Little Nut Brown Hare play in a meadow. Can you think of a worse name for a cartoon character? I can. His father is Big Nut Brown Hare. I adore the book “Guess How Much I Love You.” My daughter loves the cartoon, but I want to see if this young lady wins a $5 million recording contract. Her name is Carly Rose Sonenclar. She is only 13-years-old, yet her voice gives me goosebumps: Watch this video on YouTube

  • X-cellent

    If you don’t watch the XFactor you are missing out.  No, Simon Cowell isn’t paying me to say that.  I wish.   This audition by a 13-year-old girl is unbelievable.  I have watched it four times already.  I would buy her version on ITunes.   At her age I was awkward and had horrible hair.  In fact, Carly Rose Sonenclar has more confidence at 13 than I do at 37.   Watch this video on YouTube