Aftermath of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy brought down tree branches in my yard, but the damage is minimal. It took about an hour to remove the debris. At one point I bent over to pick up sticks and could barely stand up. My back spoke to me, “What the hell are you doing? You are not in your twenties anymore. Slow down!” I admitted defeat and went inside looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Sandy wasn’t as kind to a dear friend of mine. Nine feet of water poured into her home in Brooklyn. Furniture, clothes and appliances were ruined. Even the car seat for her unborn child was destroyed. Her vehicle floated away and was found overturned on a sidewalk. I can only imagine how helpless she feels. She is nearly 8-months pregnant. Anyone with a child knows how delightful those last few months of pregnancy are. You can hardly walk, things are sticking out of your butt and sleep is hard to come by. I also had what looked like a port wine stain on one side of my face. Bottom line is she doesn’t need this stress. My heart aches for her.

The images coming out of New Jersey and New York City show unimaginable devastation. Insurance won’t cover much. I just heard an interview on CNN with the mayor of Hoboken, NJ who is pleading for the government to send the National Guard. There are still people trapped in their homes. However, the rest of the country doesn’t seem to be as concerned as it was after Hurricane Katrina. Not everyone who lives in Manhattan is wealthy. Will Hollywood have a fundraiser for people on the East coast who lost their homes and/or belongings? I know we are doing everything we can to help our friend. If you can’t do anything else, please pray for her.

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Oh, Sandy

NBC News is trying to kill Al Roker again. Poor guy nearly got swept out to sea this morning:


He still has it better than Ann Curry. The network sent her to Libya after bumping her off The Today Show. Meanwhile, Matt Lauer was warm and dry in the studio. Speaking as a former TV News Reporter, I can tell you Al wants to punch Matt in the face. In my 10 years in the industry I stood in blizzard like conditions, flooding and extreme heat while warning people to stay inside. There is a bit of resentment when you return to the station with wet hair, frost bite or sweat stains on your shirt and the anchors haven’t left their desk.

I live in Western New York. So, we aren’t getting a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy. However, flooding and high winds are going to be an issue here. My children are already panicking over the possibility that we could lose power. “Does that mean we won’t have Internet?” Yes. “What about Movies on Demand?” Nope. That won’t work either. I am hoping the lights stay on too. Playing board games with three children is fun for 10 minutes. Then, they will start arguing over whose turn it is and who was the winner. I can’t trick them anymore with the “It was a tie” lie.

My prayers go out to my friends who live further east. Let’s hope Sandy isn’t as big of a bitch as forecasters predict.