Poor Bieber

Justin Bieber (i before e, except after c) celebrated his 19th birthday this past weekend. It seems like just yesterday he was singing about me plus you. I’ma tell you one time, kids grow up fast. Now, Bieber is wearing his pants below his derrière, smoking weed (allegedly) and wooing the ladies.


I don’t care how much that kid is making. His Mom needs to whoop his a**. Pull your trousers up son! I dare my children to make this fashion statement. They wouldn’t leave the house.

The Biebs may be one step closer to the legal drinking age, but he is still a whiner. Bieber complained on Twitter how he had the worst birthday ever. (Wiping away a tear) The gossip sites pointed out how the pop star spent his birthday in London, eating expensive food and buying designer clothing. The best part of this story on Gawker.com were the reader comments. As an F-you to Bieber, people shared their own worst birthday stories. They range from a guy spending his birthday at the hospital with his baby’s Mama who overdosed on morphine to a girl who got her a** kicked by her own brother on her big day. (Cue: Debbie Downer music) My favorite was this (and if you get the joke you are officially cool in my book) :




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RIP Mrs. Bieber

I have a new respect for Justin Bieber.   There are celebrities who do charity work for media attention.  Then, there is a teenager who did something remarkable because he has a good heart.  The pop star befriended Avalanna Routh, a 6-year-old fan.  Dubbed Mrs. Bieber, because she was his biggest fan,  Avalanna had a rare form of brain cancer.   Last Valentine’s Day Justin  invited her family to Manhattan. She got to spend the day with her idol.   They played board games.  She got to kiss his cheek and even mess with his hair.  They became friends and kept in touch via Facetime.  Avalanna passed away this week.    Justin not only made Avalanna’s dreams come true.  He gave her parents an invaluable gift:  the memory of seeing their daughter happy.   I dare you to watch this video and not cry.

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