BlogHer ’12

My whirlwind trip to New York didn’t go quite as I planned. My cab was involved in an accident, a homeless man coughed on me as I walked past Bryant Park and I didn’t marry Ryan Gosling.

I also had a small mishap in the bathroom. It figures that I would choose the stall previously occupied by a woman who clearly ate too much fiber for lunch. Of course, after I finished my business the toilet wouldn’t flush. I tried hitting the button repeatedly with my foot. Nothing. I couldn’t walk out of the stall with a long line of women waiting outside. It took flailing my arms like Lady Gaga’s backup dancers to get the damn sensor to work.

Overall, I would say my trip to BlogHer ’12 was a success. I met so many creative, intelligent and funny women. I learned about branding and ways to improve my website. For many women at this conference blogging is a career. It pays the bills and allows them to do the job they love the most: poll dancing! I’m kidding. It let’s them be a mom. I am heading home to be with my babies, but next year I’m staying for the parties. I will be the lady in the middle of the dance floor doing the Roger Rabbit. See ya then!