Did you hear the news? Lady Gaga has gained weight. This is what she looks like now:


The Paparazzi is mean. This just happens to be a lousy picture. I have a relative who intentionally posts unattractive pictures of me on Facebook. It is always mid-bite of food or mid-conversation. Then, she twists the knife by tagging everyone, but me. I think Gaga looks great! She put on a few pounds. So what! Heaven forbid a woman eats and has some curves. (At least she didn’t buy this outfit from the butcher.) I am more concerned she is leading a cult. Her fans call her “Mother Monster.” Weird. So, is Madonna “Grandma Monster?”

I don’t think this kind of criticism bothered me before I had a daughter. Sure, as a teenager I set unrealistic goals. I wanted the body of a supermodel. Sir Mix-a-Lot and a few After School Specials taught me to love myself. I would, however, like to lose my post-baby pouch. I cannot afford a new wardrobe and my pants are cutting off my circulation.

The bottom line is I don’t want my daughter growing up believing beauty is determined by weight. A smart woman is beautiful. A kind woman is beautiful. A funny woman is beautiful. A woman who is a loyal friend is beautiful. I want her to be happy with herself. She also needs to focus on what really matters: having good hair.

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