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Deanna King worked for a decade in the TV news industry as a producer and reporter.    She dabbles in radio when someone is brave enough to let her co-host. Here is her official bio:

I am the mother of three pleasant surprises.  At times, my children make me proud.  Sometimes they make me laugh and when I look at what each pregnancy did to my body I cry.    I buy baked goods at the store and call them my own.  My kids eat fast food.  I don’t make crafts unless it’s spelled with a K and you count macaroni and cheese.   I don’t speak in the third person or whisper softly when disciplining my children.  Sure, mom makes mistakes, but when all is said and done my children will be perfect. If not I will love them anyway.  Then, drown my sorrows with a good margarita and reality TV.  Now, take a cyber stroll through my site.   Enjoy my blog and share with your friends!




I started this blog to vent, but am hoping to earn some Benjamins to buy new Mom Jeans.  Therefore, I am willing to accept paid advertising/ads and links to generate income.  It beats stripping and showing off my C-Section scar.   To quote the great Sweet Brown, “Ain’t Nobody got time for that.” I may have received free merchandise to review a product.  I am an affiliate with one or more of the banners you see on this site.  Regardless, I am not going to BS you and all opinions are my own.  Mama can be paid, but can’t be bought.




4 Responses to My Reputation

  1. Dresden Engle says:

    Brava, Cynical Mother! You have given me laughs and insight and also have relieved some guilt of mommyhood. Yay, I’m not alone. Thanks for embracing motherhood, while laughing at it and crying about it. You’re a gifted writer who can mix pathos with humor. I’ll keep reading for sure!

  2. Dani says:

    I feel like we are kindred spirits lol. Any chance we were seperated at birth? haha

  3. I have been reading your blog for over an hour now. I love it. That is all.

  4. Angela Glenn says:

    Love your blog and honesty about motherhood.

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