• Breaking Bad the Musical

    I cannot wait for the season premiere of “Breaking Bad.” I have been like a crack addict at Betty Ford.  I need my fix of Walter and Jesse.   Here is a recap of the past five seasons in a musical performed by middle school students.   Bravo!

  • *%#^*#

    My son came home from school knowing how to swear in Japanese. Well, at least that is what he thought. He likes to give me a daily report on who behaved and who lost it. This girl scribbled, this boy didn’t raise his hand, another kid ran in the hallway, etc. Remember, this is the same kid who called someone an idiot in the cafeteria. He has since redeemed himself. In fact, the lunch lady rewarded my son’s good behavior with a free ice cream coupon. What, What! It is amazing what kids learn in school. Last year my son found out his classmate’s father was in jail. “The bad…