My son came home from school knowing how to swear in Japanese. Well, at least that is what he thought. He likes to give me a daily report on who behaved and who lost it. This girl scribbled, this boy didn’t raise his hand, another kid ran in the hallway, etc. Remember, this is the same kid who called someone an idiot in the cafeteria. He has since redeemed himself. In fact, the lunch lady rewarded my son’s good behavior with a free ice cream coupon. What, What!

It is amazing what kids learn in school. Last year my son found out his classmate’s father was in jail. “The bad guys took him away and he didn’t do anything wrong.” Despite our empathy for Walter White, cooking Meth is against the law. Someone may want to tell that kid the truth.

Today my son witnessed an argument in the lunch room. Two other 5-year-olds got into a heated debate over what Halloween costume is cooler. One boy, unhappy with the direction the conversation was going, “cursed in Japanese.” Apparently, he abruptly lifted his pinky finger in the air, toward the other child. Then, he told the children at the table that was how you swear in Japanese. (I can’t make this stuff up) If the middle finger means F-you what could the pinky possibly symbolize? It is not a strong enough finger to stand for asshole. I am pretty sure you would need to use the pointer to call someone a Bastard.
We may never know.

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