• Hairy situation

    It is one of the great mysteries in life. How is it you can shave your legs regularly, but miss the same spot over and over again? You never notice it in the shower. The patch of hair can only be seen when you are in a public place. For me, that was at the dentist’s office. I made an appointment because of a toothache. It turns out a piece of a filling cracked. The dentist says I “might as well have a root canal.” Might as well? You might as well eat French fries. You might as well have another cocktail. You don’t might as well have needles stick…

  • Binders Full of Women

    Oh Mitt, Mitt, Mitt.   Clearly, you didn’t listen to your mother when she told you to “think before you speak.”   First, you allude to firing Big Bird.  Then, you reveal you keep women in binders? I barely have enough room for coupons in a binder.  I think we need to focus on the issues, but this is funny: