• Sheep Protest

    I find many protests laughable. I covered my fair share while working in local news. It’s the same group of people at every one. I don’t know if they are passionate about the cause or just unemployed. If you want to make a difference donate to a charity or volunteer. Besides, do you really think holding a poorly made sign on a street corner is going to convince the President of the United States to end a war? I’m just sayin… This protest really made me chuckle:

  • Are you threatening me?

    I remember making empty threats when I was a kid. “I am going to runaway and you will never see me again!” I was just mad because I didn’t get my way. Perhaps my Mom wouldn’t buy me the neon orange jelly shoes I wanted. Maybe she told me to turn down my cassette player because I was blasting Janet Jackson’s “Control.” Regardless, I had no intention of living under a bridge. Where would I store my scrunchies and Aqua Net? My 3-year-old daughter is already a feisty one. She recently informed me she was looking for a new Mom. I asked her if she was using Craig’s List or…